Our Sustainability Team is experienced in both the measurement of sustainability as well as advising on sustainability issues relating to the development and utilisation of resources.

We are advocates of an integrated approach to the management of sustainability issues. For example, when advising manufacturers on water efficiency and footprinting, we will also address related energy and lighting, supply chain issues, carbon management, waste disposal etc.

In the general construction sector, our experts have addressed water management on sites covering awareness as well as treatment, disposal, consenting and reuse.

In the water sector there is a need to appraise customers of the role they have in the ‘virtuous water cycle’  i.e. create less demand to conserve the resource, consider the appropriateness of waste disposed in the sewer (especially fats, oils and grease) to reduce the frequency of pollution incidents and so on. 

We can also advise Utilities delivering large asset investment plans on related environmental risk as well as sustainability issues.