Service Delivery

Companies involved in service delivery need to achieve a high quality of service whilst maintaining good value for money for their customers. Essential to this is the timely investment in assets; whether that is by replacing outdated equipment or upgrading existing technologies. Equally important is the effective collaboration between teams, a seamless 24hr exchange of information and prompt decision making to implement the best solution.

At RSKW we assist our clients in planning resources and developing systems which are transparent to both internal and external stakeholders (see also Business Improvement). Our teams can help in streamlining event management, improving the customer experience and ensuring that asset management policies reduce the risk of event reoccurrence.

With a wealth of experience founded in work with the regulated utilities, our teams are able to carry out a range of operations to aid our clients. Our tools include detailed process mapping exercises, training improvement programmes, service ‘health checks’ and asset lifecycle assessment and management. Our holistic approach has produced industry leading results.