Hydrology And Hydrogeology

RSKW provide specialist hydrological and hydrogeological services to clients throughout Europe. The clients we support include the utilities, oil and gas businesses, the extractive industries, local government, national government agencies and regulators. We help our clients to develop strategies and risk management policies which minimise impacts to the water environment and manage the expectations of stakeholders.

Projects range from locating new water sources particularly for industry and agriculture, to conducting surface water and groundwater investigations and modelling, the development of groundwater protection schemes, flood risk assessment, baseline and long-term hydrological and groundwater monitoring, water for hydropower schemes and the general management of the water environment.

We advise water companies on risks to groundwater supply by applying the well-established "source-pathway–receptor" risk assessment approach to establish whether or not new developments create any vulnerability for groundwater and particularly potable water aquifers. We work with our clients to help them establish strategies for groundwater and surface water protection through developing scenarios based on our technical research and through running work-shops to enable senior managers to quickly reach decisions based on the likelihood of occurrence and the scale of impact.

Research and innovation is a key component of our work. We work closely with several Universities and European Research Institutes and are participants in the EU Horizon 2020 program including work packages related to hydrochemistry in the SHEER study which is a consortium of eight leading UK and European Universities and research institutes assessing potential impacts of shale gas in groundwater, air quality and induced seismicity http://www.sheerproject.eu.

Our team includes specialist geologists, hydrogeologists, geophysicists and hydrologists, GIS specialists, and water supply engineers who work on a portfolio of strategic surface water and groundwater assignments throughout Europe.