Business Improvement

RSKW’s experience of working with many blue chip companies in the UK over a wide range of disciplines means we can assist our clients to improve their business processes and efficiency via:

  • Improved control and governance of assets and procedures
  • Integrated change management leading to  improved staff engagement
  • Process strengthening  to meet changing  quality standards
  • Reduction in unplanned maintenance on assets and reduction in production interruptions
  • Improved customer service

At RSKW we provide industry aware experts who operate at all levels within business and command recognition of competence by regulators. This ensures that our guidance is backed up by technical solutions and procedures that are readily applicable to the industry in question.

Our start point in any strategy development project is to perform a business health check. In development of a strategy we work with client staff through workshops and structured interviews and as a result, maximise buy-in to the strategy throughout the business.