Asset Management

RSKW recognises the needs of businesses in maximising productivity whilst optimising asset maintenance via sustainable stewardship.

All our approaches are based on the principles of BSI PAS 55:2008 which provides guidance on achieving and sustaining good practice in all facets of acquiring, owning and ultimately disposing of physical assets.

Asset management activity must involve all stakeholders to deliver credible, holistic solutions. The asset planning process must be transparent, intuitive, understandable to all parties and supported by key staff. Understanding the requirements of regulated industries has allowed RSKW to develop integrated approaches to asset management that balance meeting level of service requirements with appropriate least cost solutions.  This balance is also key for commercial asset management.

The application of these integrated approaches enable our clients to meet their regulatory requirements whilst managing their businesses in a sustainable fashion. This is becoming increasingly important as customer-driven regulation is adopted. The tools and techniques developed for our regulated clients have been successfully applied for non-regulated businesses.